Capital Advantage

Complying with new EPA regulations is estimated to cost US plants over $10.5 billion.

If your plant is not located on a gas pipeline, you have a capital expense problem.

Pipeline extensions are costing between $2-5 million a mile and take many years to complete. Plus, they require many years to amortize. Scrubbing systems cost less, but they are not long-term solutions and require a lot of maintenance.

A virtual pipeline consisting of a fleet of tractor-trailers brings natural gas to your boiler house faster and requires substantially less capital.

Your company pays to upgrade your boilers and burners to convert them to dual-fuel. Your company pays to make room in your yard for 2-20 trailers to park and brings electricity, communications, and a low pressure gas pipe out to NG Advantage's offloading station.

NG Advantage does the rest. Your company spends very little from the capital budget and brings your plant into compliance within a year.

Your company pays the operating expenses for the compression/decompression service and the hauling. You can have your energy buyers purchase the commodity or NG Advantage will be glad to do it for you and pass along the cost.