Whether your company is a food processor, paper mill or a medical center, energy costs represent a significant portion of your organization’s operating expenses.

                                                                            Influence your ability to deliver a competitive product at a reasonable price.

Clean-burning natural gas can help your facility exceed standards and reduce cost:

  • Reduce annual maintenance and replacement costs for boilers or kilns, burners, heat exchangers, filters, baghouses, and residue removal
  • Decrease production downtime due to planned or unexpected maintenance
  • Eliminate the impact of emissions limitations and the risk of penalties assessed by the EPA

                                                                            ~Abundantly Available~             ~Clean-Burning~             ~Reliable~             ~Safe~

If your facility is currently burning fuel oil, propane, or coal, then a switch to natural gas can positively impact your facility’s operating expenses and efficiencies. Natural gas is the logical choice to fuel your facility’s energy requirements. 

Because natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, the outcome is superior combustion that does not produce soot or ash residue. A switch to natural gas from residual fuel oil could reduce maintenance downtime by more than a week, thus getting your facility back to full production faster than ever before.