With new EPA standards looming, many industrial users are scrambling to find options to help them become compliant. In the past, the only choices for plants not located on a gas pipeline were:

  • Installing scrubber systems that are capital intensive, are short-term solutions, and require a great deal of maintenance
  • Installing even more expensive pipeline extensions that are amortized over many years
  • Shutting down a few lines
  • Closing the plant

Now there is a viable, cost-effective option. NG Advantage's virtual pipeline can bring clean natural gas to your plant 24/7. Compliance is much easier with non-capital intensive access to natural gas.

Low Cost: Your company converts its boiler systems or kilns to burning dual-fuel - one of which is natural gas (as you would if you were on a traditional pipeline.) Next, your company makes room in your yard to accommodate 2-20+ trailers. You will also need to bring robust communications, electricity, and a low pressure gas line to the offloading station that NG Advantage will build at its expense outside your plant.

No extensive permitting, continual maintenance or expensive storage is required as the gas is drawn directly from the trailers into you regulator and burner. Trailers rotate between 2 and 20+ times a day.

Easy and Reliable: If your plant uses at least 750,000 MMBtu of coal or liquid fuel oils and you have signed a contract, then NG Advantage will build, at its expense, a compressor station on the nearest, suitable transmission line to your plant. If your plant is within 200 miles of one of NG Advantage's existing compressor stations, we can serve you as long as you are burning over 100,000 MMBtu of a fuel source that you would like to replace.

NG Advantage’s Startup Team will manage the installation of an offloading station near your boiler house. The Team will stay with your operations people until the installation is complete and has gone through a successful 72 hour test period. Subsequent to the 72 hour test period, your site will be monitored intensely by both NG Advantage's Startup and Operations Teams for an additional 30 days, at which point the service of your account will transition completely to our operations experts.

After the successful completion of the installation period, NG Advantage’s 24/7 Operations Team will begin dispatching a fleet of high-tech, CNG trailers from the compressor station to your plant. Normally, NG Advantage can begin delivery within 12 months. If your plant is located within 200 miles of an existing compressor station, deliveries can begin within 6 months.

Pricing: The price of gas delivered to your plant depends on several factors including the proximity of your plant, by roads, to the closest NG Advantage compressor station, length of contract, and product volume requirements. Your company can buy the commodity or we will do it with you.

Environmental Compliance: NG Advantage makes it easy for your plant to dramatically cut its emissions in a short period of time.