No company in the “virtual pipeline” industry provides customers with the visibility into their gas usage better than NG Advantage. NG Advantage is the only company that provides customers who are individually connected to our offloading station with access to real-time and historical data through a Customer Portal. And, it comes at no additional cost.

Engineers need data to keep powerhouses running efficiently.  Analysts need data to make smart decisions about gas purchases and report accurate information to the EPA. NG Advantage creates a customized online Dashboard for each plant it serves, which is available to people at all levels of your operation with authorization.

Real-time data on your energy usage is available 24/7 and can be accessed by computer, smartphone, and tablet from anywhere. Customers routinely use the data we provide to spot operational anomalies and to improve their energy usage.



The Dashboard shows current and historical data on the gas usage of your plant.

The people who “own” the powerhouse can now see the Dashboard on their smartphones or tablets.  One customer told NG Advantage that he could tell when he was outside from the sound of the boiler and by watching the smokestack what was going on inside the boiler house. But now, he added, he no longer has to run back to the boiler house if something changes. He can view all of the statistics on his phone - regardless of where he is.

Data is available on an instantaneous, daily, monthly and annual basis.  Examples of data displayed by the Portal include:

  • Inlet and output pressures and temperatures
  • Pressure flow rate
  • State of various valves
  • Trailer status (e.g., identify “active” trailer from which gas is being drawn)
  • Current and historical MCF usage

Additionally, the Portal allows plant management to make its nominations online. It displays data on nominations versus usage. It also allows online entry of default and override nominations by authorized personal.

And finally, the Portal displays live photos of NG Advantage's on-site equipment, which is updated every 60 seconds.

If one of NG Advantage’s Operations Team members calls the Powerhouse Owner at home in the middle of the night to say that something has changed beyond the normal parameters, then he or she can use a smart phone to pull up the same information, as well as images, that the NG Advantage Team is seeing. Your staff will know what is going on and can take the appropriate action. If requested to or if they deem it necessary, the NG Advantage Operations Team can instantly shut down the offloading process remotely. This new feature is currently installed at most of the NG Advantage customer sites and will be installed at all sites by the end of the year.

Access to this data also enables the NG Advantage Maintenance Staff to accurately project when maintenance should be scheduled. Planned shutdowns for maintenance are much better than unplanned shutdowns that can cause a loss of business to the plant and a lot of extra worry and work. Regular, but not unnecessary, maintenance means that NG Advantage has a great uptime record...the best in the industry.

Marketing Managers tell NG Advantage that they use the Dashboard information to give them the ability to precisely see how much energy they burn for a new product. With this information, they can be much better at pricing and winning profitable business.

NG Advantage engages in conversations with your Energy Engineers about how to most efficiently use the new gas that they may never have worked with before at this particular plant. Having access to real-time data on the gas usage makes them more comfortable with the decision they made to convert to trucked gas. It also gives them new ideas about other applications with the gas. Some, for example, are now using the gas on-site for CHP or putting additional pieces of their production process on gas.

Your Financial Staff can use the Dashboard’s historical data to improve their ability to make the correct daily nominations and to tell if they are "on budget" as far as the plant's energy usage.

And, your Environmental and Regulatory Staff can export usage data for inclusion in reports for you and for regulatory agencies.

Safety Officers find the Dashboard indispensable. They know that the NG Advantage Operations Team is watching their gas usage 24/7 and will contact the plant if they see anything irregular. The Team can also be instructed to directly call local first responders under certain conditions. Additionally, Safety Officers know that NG Advantage can immediately and remotely shut down the entire offloading station when requested to do so or when they feel that they must. This important shut down feature is being rolled out to all existing customers and is installed at all new customer sites.

The Safety Officer can also give password protected access to the cameras focused on NG Advantage’s offloading station and trailers at their plant to local first responders so that they are prepared to react to any situation requiring their intervention. Pulling up real-time pictures of your plant while riding in a fire truck may be invaluable.

The Safety Officer knows that with access to real-time data and with the oversight of NG Advantage's 24/7 Operations Team their plant is in good hands.

Across the plant, real-time data from NG Advantage gives everyone on your team the information they need to do their jobs better. NG Advantage provides many services that are not provided by traditional pipeline operators.