If your plant is not located on a natural gas pipeline, you are probably looking for a high quality, safe, low cost, and fast way to attain compliance with new EPA regulations. And, you are probably looking for a solution that does not require your technical and legal staff to spend several years researching, obtaining permits, and installing your recommended solution. You don't have years.

If your plant burns at least 750,000 MMBtu of coal or liquid fuel oils today, then NG Advantage can construct a compressor station within 200 miles of your facility and normally begin trucking natural gas to your plant within 12 months. If your plant burns over 30,000 MMBtu of coal or liquid fuel and NG Advantage has an existing compressor station in proximity of your facility, then we can usually begin trucking natural gas to your plant within 6 months. Your experience will be as if you are on a traditional pipeline. This can usually be done within a year with little work from your team.

You will need to obtain necessary permits to allow NG Advantage to build an offloading station outside your plant and for converting your boiler system to dual-fuel.

NG Advantage does the rest.

NG Advantage will build a compressor station on the nearest, suitable transmission line to your plant. The NG Advantage startup team will manage the construction of this compression site at its expense. NG Advantage will also purchase the largest, safest CNG trailers available to service your plant.

NG Advantage’s startup team will install an offloading station outside your boiler house, which heats and decompresses the CNG before it enters your plant. The startup team will stay with your operations people until the installation is complete and has gone through a successful 72 hour test period. Subsequent to the 72 hour test period, your site will be monitored intensely by both the NG Advantage startup team and the operations team for an additional 30 days, at which time the service of your account will transition completely to the operations experts.

NG Advantage’s 24/7 operations team will then begin a timely dispatch of a fleet of high-tech, CNG trailers from the compressor station to your plant. With real-time video and data streaming, the team watches the flow into your plant 24/7. They will notify your operations team, and first responders if necessary, of any irregularities or changes in flow.

Once regular delivery has begun, the maintenance team will start servicing NG Advantage's equipment on a regular basis. They are also available within hours in case the operations team calls them out to check on a concern that they might have. 

All NG Advantage teams are supported by the safety team. The safety team continually provides training and inspection of staff and equipment.

The NG Advantage experience is like being on a pipeline without the hastle, capital expense, or the wait. You can reach your compliance deadlines within a year. For more information contact 802.760.1167 x 519.