NG Advantage

Businesses not yet on a natural gas pipeline or on one that has limited capacity which burn more than 750,000 MMBtu annually of fuel oil, propane, or coal can quickly come into EPA compliance by buying trucked compressed natural gas (CNG) from NG Advantage.

Pipeline extensions cost between $2-$5 million a mile, scrubber systems are expensive, and require a lot of maintenance, and new coal burning technologies are also capital intensive.

Natural gas delivered by a "virtual pipeline" can be operational in 12 months and requires relatively little capital. All a potential customer needs to do is make room in its yard to park and turn around 2-10 tractor-trailers and convert its powerhouse to being dual-fuel. NG Advantage does the rest.

To get a quote, please contact us directly at 802-760-1167 x 519.

NG Advantage will build an offloading station, at its own expense, outside your powerhouse. Our CNG trailers connect to the offloading station for the delivery of gas to your business. No storage tank is required since the natural gas is drawn directly from the trailers.

Your company is responsible for providing adequate space for trailers to back in, connect, park, and for keeping that space clear of vehicles and snow. You take delivery of the natural gas near the wall of your building or wherever your engineers decide is best. Your company is also responsible for bringing low pressure pipes from the offloading station to the burners and for converting your systems to being dual-fuel. If you are currently using propane, your burners will need a simple modification to burn either propane or natural gas.

If you are burning oil, you will need to add a new set of burners for natural gas. If you are burning coal, you may have to convert your firebox and install a fuel oil storage unit for your backup fuel.

All of these options leave you with a dual-fuel system, which is a good insurance policy for your facility. To find out more, please contact us directly at 802-760-1167 x 519.

No storage is required. Your company will use natural gas directly from our delivery trailers, which are left at your site until depleted and replaced automatically with a full trailer in time to ensure that your operation remains uninterrupted. Our largest customers use up to 18 trailer loads of gas a day and we can expand that. NG Advantage provides its unique N+1 customer site component redundancy program to assure uninterrupted operation. No single component failure will interrupt service to your plant. All compressor stations used by NG Advantage have always had N+1 redundancy (or more if the station is big.) Compressor failure can happen, but, because of the redundancy, compressor failure has never interrupted customer service.

The delivery cost offered by NG Advantage is usually, but not always, lower than that offered by competitors. NG Advantage’s technology reduces the cost of delivery. We purchase the largest DOT-certified trailers for CNG transportation reducing hauling costs. In addition, situating the compressor station on a high-pressure line reduces capital and electrical costs for compression. NG Advantage and Clean Energy also have the purchasing power to drive down component costs.

The price we offer for delivery depends on the length of your contract, the seasonality, projected fuel volume, and distance from our compressor station.

However, NG Advantage pays more for hauling than the absolute minimum possible in order to assure safety and reliability; we use only trained, dedicated drivers. Well-trained drivers are the front-line for service without expensive interruption.

We are confident that no one else will be able to offer the direct cost savings and superior safety and reliability that NG Advantage can. We are also happy to help you with your commodity buying if you would like.

You can get a quote from us by calling 802-760-1167 x 519.

To provide you with a rough quote, NG Advantage needs to know what types of fuel you are currently burning, how much, and how consistent your need for fuel is. For example, does your application require frequent starting and stopping or do you usually have a need for a constant 24/7 flow.

If your plant burns over 750,000 MMBtu a year, we will determine where the nearest, adequate transmission pipeline is to your plant.

Distance from that pipeline, volume, length of contract, and a few other variables determine your price.

If NG Advantage needs to build a compressor station, delivery will begin in about a year. If your plant is within 200 miles from an existing compressor station, you can be receiving trucked CNG within 6 months.

You can get a quote by contacting us directly at 802-760-1167 x 519.

Yes. In partnership with Clean Energy Fuels, we offer compressed natural gas fueling for fleets. If you are an NG Advantage customer using natural gas to generate heat and/or power at your company site, we can install a dispenser and other equipment so that you can fuel vehicles at your plant as well. If you would like to use Clean Energy's filling stations, let us know and we can put you in contact with their sales staff. To learn more about this option, please call us at 802-760-1167 x 519.

No substantial customer should be dependent on the availability and price of any single fuel. On a few very cold days per year, natural gas is reserved for the use of residential customers who have no other options. A reasonable price for natural gas for commercial customers depends on their ability to either suspend operation briefly or go to a backup fuel when these events occur.

While permitting should be straightforward, the answer varies geographically (e.g., by state, by town). NG Advantage will help customers prepare responses to the most commonly asked questions, technical details, and any other information that is requested locally. Additionally, the zoning administrator in towns where there is zoning may need to rule on the offloading equipment NG Advantage will install at your site and the state Fire Marshal's office will most likely inspect the site for safety.

We wish we could. Unfortunately, at the current moment it is not economical to deliver natural gas by truck to any site which does not use more than 100,000 MMBtu of fuel oil or propane during a 12 month period. You can get a quote to determine whether your organization can benefit from natural gas beyond the pipeline by contacting us directly at 802-760-1167 x 519.

NG Advantage currently serves very large paper mills, asphalt plants, hospitals, food processors, commercial laundries, colleges, LDCs, chemical plants, and manufacturers. Plant managers are concerned about impending EPA clean air regulations. Trucked natural gas can solve that problem fast and economically. Pipelines are costing $2-5 million a mile. Expensive scrubbers require extensive ongoing maintenance and may not meet future requirements. Trucked gas can arrive in 12 months, requires limited permitting, is less expensive, and is easier on your PR department than a pipeline extension. And if things change, at the end of our contract we can move our equipment to another customer or grow with you.

In 2014, Clean Energy Fuels made a strategic investment in NG Advantage. They purchased a 50.1% stake in NG Advantage and purchased the Company's compressor station in Milton, VT. The new relationship created great synergies. Clean Energy's standing in the industry and relationships bring new opportunities to NG Advantage and the Milton and Pembroke filling stations are the largest in Clean Energy's portfolio. As partners, we approach potential customers with a breadth of services. We offer industrial fuel replacement using CNG or LNG and NGV filling. NG Advantage and Clean Energy are unique in being able to offer solutions tailored to customer needs.

A Gas Island is a small, remote gas pipeline network not connected to a transmission line. The network connects several large businesses or institutions.

Vermont Gas Systems (VGS, an LDC) chose NG Advantage to supply the country's first Gas Island. Their Gas Island consists of a local distribution network constructed by VGS which, since it has no connection to a transmission pipe, is provided with gas at a single point by NG Advantage. VGS relies on NG Advantage’s demonstrated safety and reliability for service to its customers.

Depending on local and state regulations, a Gas Island can be built by the LDC, an economic development corporation, a governmental unit or a developer. The network can connect as many entities as the owner chooses. From NG Advantage's perspective, the Gas Island is comparable to a huge factory behind the connection.

The LDC, developer or governmental entity can "own" the customers and bill them or NG Advantage can do that for them or in its own name.

When and if a traditional pipeline arrives, NG Advantage will take its equipment and move it to another customer's site.

Compressed natural gas

There are abundant supplies of clean, reliable, affordable natural gas right here in North America. As a consequence:

  • Transitioning from oil to natural gas is an essential step towards our nation’s long-held policy to reduce our dependence on costly foreign oil, especially oil from unstable countries.
  • The improved economics of using natural gas as a fuel rather than oil is playing a significant role in the revitalization of America's manufacturing economy.
  • Carbon dioxide and other emissions from natural gas are significantly lower than those from coal or fuel oil.

Up until now natural gas has only been available to those facilities located on a pipeline. However, NG Advantage is making natural gas available to large commercial customers hours away from a pipeline to help them save money and comply with ever stricter air pollution regulations.

Natural gas cars and trucks currently cost more than their oil-powered equivalents although they are now becoming readily available. A natural gas vehicle needs a larger fuel tank than a gasoline or diesel vehicle to achieve the same range. On the other hand, fuel costs are less for natural gas and maintenance costs are still less because natural gas burns cleanly.  Clean Energy now operates over 500 natural gas vehicle filling stations across the US.

CNG is compressed natural gas. LNG is liquefied natural gas which must be kept at temperatures near absolute zero. CNG has a lower cost of production and storage compared to LNG as it does not require an expensive cooling process and cryogenic tanks.

CNG, however, requires a much larger storage container to house the same amount of Btu. That is why NG Advantage has chosen to have the gas it delivers to a plant drawn directly from its trailers, not requiring the customer or the company to permit, build, and maintain huge storage tanks.

NG Advantage and its partner Clean Energy Fuels offer customers CNG and LNG depending on which is best for the particular customer's needs.

One of the tremendous benefits of switching to natural gas is that it is a cleaner energy source than other fuel oils burned for either industrial or vehicular use.

According to the organization CNG Now!, natural gas vehicles improve air quality through dramatic reductions in emissions such as:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20% to 30%

  • Reducing carbon monoxide (CO) emissions up to 75%

  • Reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by approximately 50%

  • Reducing up to 95% of particulate matter (PM) emissions

  • Reducing volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions by 55%

Because CNG is lighter than air, it is inherently safer to transport and to have on-site than oil, propane, or LNG and therefore popular with first responders. They like the fact that, even if there were an accidental release, it would dissipate above them and not burn them or require remediation of the surrounding soil or water ways.

That said, CNG is a volatile fuel source. NG Advantage has a Safety Officer that trains the staff at each customer plant. He also trains first responders and city and town officials in the properties of CNG and in how to handle NG Advantage’s equipment.

Additionally, NG Advantage’s proprietary SCADA system is the best in the industry. It produces real-time and historical data that can be seen on a smart phone or tablet by the powerhouse maintenance team or management at any time.

Both a real-time data stream and video for every site are monitored automatically by NG Advantage’s proprietary software systems and by NG Advantage’s 24x7 Operations Team to ensure uninterrupted supply, timely delivery, and safety. Local first responders are also given a software tool that gives them access on their smart phones to the cameras in case of emergency.