Agreement for the Ticonderoga Plant in Upstate New York Marks ‘Highest Volume Use of Trucked CNG To-Date in U.S.’

Release Date:
April 24th, 2015

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by Rich Piellisch
Vermont’s NG Advantage reports a pact with International Paper to supply natural gas to a mill in Ticonderoga, N.Y. NG Advantage, a unit of Clean Energy Fuels, says that when the operation commences next month, it will be “the highest volume use of trucked CNG to-date in the U.S.”

Thus a “virtual pipeline” moving compressed natural gas in tube trailers takes a place of an actual pipeline that was to have been built under Lake Champlain.

“They will now be able to convert to burning natural gas even though the pipeline extension proved uneconomical,” NG Advantage CEO Tom Evslin said in a release.

32,000 DGEs Daily

Off-loading and monitoring equipment is being installed at the mill, which according to NG Advantage “is currently International Paper’s largest U.S. plant without access to natural gas.”

“Natural gas is expected to displace at least 32,000 gallons of fuel oil a day during this contract,” NG Advantage says. “The gas will be used to run the mill’s kiln and power boiler.”

Some 16 to 20 deliveries will be made daily, says International Paper. The fuel can be provided from “any of several compressor stations,” NG Advantage says. Tractors and drivers will be based in Ticonderoga.

50-Plus Titan Trailers, and Going National

NG Advantage unit has more than 50 Titan trailers by Hexagon Lincoln.

The firm says it was the first to deliver compressed natural gas to industrial customers in the United States and is the U.S. industry leader in volumes delivered. The firm currently trucks CNG to 22 large industrial and institutional customer sites in New England and New York State. “With its majority investor, Clean Energy Fuels, NG Advantage is expanding its coverage area nationwide in 2015,” the firm said in announcing the International Paper contract.

NG Advantage reported too that International has issued an RFP for a long-term trucked-CNG contract, to take effect when the current contract with NG Advantage ends. NG Advantage says it’s bidding for the long-term work.

Clean Energy Fuels took a majority stake in NG Advantage last year (F&F, October 16).

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