Gas Supply When You Need It Most

An aging infrastructure, delays in new pipeline construction, regulatory, environmental, and cultural factors continue to burden the Northeast by constraining the supply of natural gas to the region. Consequently, providing reliable and resilient service to customers remains a challenge for many local distribution companies (LDCs) and power generators.

To help LDCs and power generators overcome these obstacles, NG Advantage delivers fuel security through its CNG virtual pipeline solutions.

                 Short-Term Energy Solutions

To ensure ample and dependable gas supply during the coldest and hottest days of the year when demand spikes and during pipeline repairs, NG Advantage offers temporary energy solutions via its virtual pipeline of high-tech, carbon fiber trailers.

  • Strengthen Reliability 
  • Continue Uninterrupted Delivery of Natural Gas to Pipeline Customers During Outages 
  • Solve Pressure Issues
  • Mitigate Risk of Interruptible Service
  • Assist Aging Propane-Air or LNG Infrastructure 

                           Gas Island 

Working in conjunction with the local distribution company, NG Advantage offers CNG gas island supply via an isolated distribution network to serve remote industrial, institutional, or commercial customers without access to pipeline natural gas.

  • Expand Distribution Territory Beyond the Pipeline
  • Arrive to Market Faster than Traditional Pipeline Extension
  • Encourage Economic Development