Rutland, Vermont Using Natural Gas In Advance of the Pipeline

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is paving the streets in the center of Rutland, Vermont, running the largest commercial laundry in the state, as well as heating the hospital - and there is no gas pipeline in the area.

The gas is arriving because of NG Advantage'svirtual pipeline, consisting of a fleet of high-tech tractor/trailers.

Rutland, Vermont is in the process of recreating itself. According to the Town's Public Policy Statement 2013, one of the things Rutland is counting on to help in the revitalization is natural gas. The problem is that the planned expansion of the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline will not happen until 2020 at the earliest. Rutland cannot wait. The city must stay competitive. The transition from expensive to cheaper, cleaner natural gas has already begun.

Rutland's Mayor Chris Louras explains the significance of trucked natural gas arriving in Rutland saying, "A significant number of local employers currently use large amounts of #2 and #6 fuel oil to produce heat. This is inefficient, expensive, and not an environmentally sound practice for the long term." "Rutland", he continued "will be more vibrant with the expansion of the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline in six years, but we are not wasting time. Our businesses are thrilled to be converting to natural gas now. We are also looking for ways to create new industries. Food processing is an industry that we are particularly interested in. Industries that use process heat will absolutely require access to gas. We are glad that we can begin selling the advantages of gas in Rutland without waiting for the pipeline. It gives us a real economic development boost."

This summer Rutland's downtown district is being repaved by Wilk Paving, a local company that uses compressed gas (CNG) to create its asphalt.  Their gas is also delivered by NG Advantage's virtual pipeline. Wilk's owner Steven Wilk is pleased with his conversion to CNG. Wilk recently explained why saying, "Being a local business and competing against large conglomerates we need every advantage we can get. Burning CNG delivered by NG Advantage has created a win-win-win situation. Our costs are lower, our emissions are cleaner and our pricing is more competitive. A lower bid for repaving means that all Rutland taxpayers benefit."

The Rutland Regional Medical Center is Vermont's second-largest health care facility. The hospital recently converted its boilers from burning fuel oil to burning cleaner CNG from NG Advantage to heat the hospital, provide hot water, and create steam for the hospital's autoclaves. The hospital is now emitting 26% less CO2, and much less NOx and SO2.

Foley Services, also in Rutland, operates a commercial and industrial laundry as well as a rental business providing linen and uniforms to commercial customers. They are one of the oldest family-run linen operations in the nation. Foley is currently in the process of converting from burning fuel oil to CNG provided by NG Advantage. Mark Foley, Jr. owner of Foley Services, explained why it is so important for his company to convert to natural gas today saying, "Our business is very competitive.  We are the only Vermont based company in our industry, and our out of state and national competitors have access to natural gas and its significant cost advantages.  Utilizing CNG from NG Advantage will help us to continue to grow, to keep our costs in line with those of our competitors, and at the same time improve our environmental footprint.  It's the right decision for our company, our employees, our community and our customers."

Gerry Myers, COO of NG Advantage, says, "We are proud to be able to bring the economic and environmental benefits of reliable natural gas to Rutland. Our teams are working to educate first responders, town officials, and the operations folk at local companies on the attributes of natural gas and are helping our current customers convert their boilers to burning CNG. We are also looking for new ways to serve more of the city in the interval before the pipeline is extended there."

Vermont Gas Systems' Communications Director, Steve Wark, added "Natural gas service is a game changer for businesses. It will help Rutland's businesses keep their costs lower, reduce emissions and strengthen the local economy. It is a privilege to work with NG Advantage as they help Rutland usher in new technology in advance of our pipeline that will benefit customers by helping to control costs and by lowering air pollution."

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