NG Advantage LLC

NG Advantage is a US-based company which uses its “virtual pipeline” of tractor-trailers to deliver the economic and environmental benefits of North American natural gas to utilities, power generators, and large industrial customers who lack sufficient supply or access to pipeline natural gas.

The company was founded in 2011 and was the first in the nation to make deliveries of trucked CNG to industrial customers. Customers use the natural gas to replace their coal or fuel oil and usually to fire their process heating equipment. Since the company's inception, NG Advantage has delivered almost 17 Bcf of CNG to US customers, more than any other company in the virtual pipeline industry.

In October 2014, Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ: CLNE) purchased a majority interest in the company, which is now expanding from its Northeast base to select locations in the US and Canada.


CNG Trucked to Large Industrial Plants and Institutions 

Using its "virtual pipeline", NG Advantage delivers natural gas via a fleet of high-tech tractor-trailers to the powerhouses of very large institutions and industrial customers, who need an alternative to the fuel oil or coal that they are currently burning to meet the new EPA regulations and are not located on a gas pipeline. Customers come into compliance within 6 to 12 months of signing a contract.

NG Advantage serves customers from an existing operations center if they burn over 100,000 MMBtu of fuel and are located within 200 miles of that station. If they burn over 750,000 MMBtu and are not within 200 miles of an existing compressor station, then NG Advantage will build a new operations center for their use on the closest transmission line. The "virtual pipeline" then delivers CNG from the operations center to the customer 24/7/365. The customer's experience is comparable to being on a traditional pipeline.

Prices are influenced by volume requirements, length of contract, upfront costs, and distance from one of NG Advantage's operations centers.

Customers currently receive between 1 and 18 loads of gas a day. NG Advantage has the proven ability and flexibility to scale for customers with larger volume requirements. Call 802 760 1167 x 519 for more information.


LNG and/or CNG Available to Very Large Customers Looking to Replace their Powerhouse Fuel 

Together with Clean Energy, NG Advantage's customers can purchase CNG or LNG, or both. The two companies work together to design the most economical and efficient options for their customers. Both fuel sources have their benefits and NG Advantage strives to offer customers the options that best meet their unique requirements.

Purchasing fuel from Clean Energy and NG Advantage offers "best in class" service and products.

Call 802 760 1167 x 519 today to talk about your energy needs.


NG Advantage can provide natural gas to plants Beyond The Pipeline

  • Paper & pulp mills
  • Manufacturers
  • Chemical plants
  • Electrical manufacturers
  • Feed/grain plants
  • Municipal and local gas utilities
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Asphalt plants
  • Regional hospitals
  • Commercial laundries
  • Universities (with central boiler houses)
  • Prisons
  • Fish farms
  • Food processors
  • Greenhouses
  • Textile plants