The virtual pipeline is an alternative form of natural gas supply that does not rely on traditional pipelines. Gas is loaded at the source point, then compressed, and loaded into high-capacity tube trailers. The trailers are then transported and delivered directly to the customer’s site. By keeping gas supply mobile, virtual pipeline solutions are flexible. Gas is delivered precisely where and when it is needed.

Complete solutions

  • Project management
  • Design and engineering services
  • Equipment specification, selection, and mobilization
  • Logistics oversight
  • Development of comprehensive health, safety, and emergency site plans
  • Training
  • Regular maintenance
  • Seamless 24/7 system’s monitoring

Benefits of Virtual Pipelines

  • Improve the Environment by Generating Lower CO2, SO2, and Particulate Emissions
  • Enhance Reliability and Facility Productivity
  • Reduce Equipment Maintenance and Downtime Costs with Cleaner Fuel
  • Increase Flexibility (rapid and scalable solution)

Decompression Station

Fuel Replacement

Designed for manufacturers and institutions beyond the pipeline.

Biogas - Cows

RNG Transportation

Created for remote biogas projects without pipeline access to deliver gas to market.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

Developed for utilities to provide critical delivery of natural gas during planned maintenance or repair outages.

Gas Island

Isolated Local Distribution (Gas Island)

Planned for LDCs seeking to expand their territory by creating a gas island to serve to multiple facilities through an isolated distribution network.

Remote Power

Remote Power Generation

Established for remote construction and production sites that need to generate power at the worksite.