Safety is First

NG Advantage uses only highly trained, dedicated drivers with years of experience hauling hazardous materials. Each and every round trip is monitored using real-time GPS. Drivers are warned of changing weather conditions and traffic issues in real-time. As a result of this monitoring and training, our drivers obey all traffic regulations and safety warnings.

In the very rare case where delivery cannot be achieved on time, NG Advantage warns the operations people at your plant in time to switch to backup fuel or initiate other mitigation measures.

Cameras are strategically positioned at all of the offloading stations so that the Operations Staff can visually check on any issues and see and talk with the driver, and address any concerns that they have when on location. Access to the video from these cameras can also be given to people who work at the plant. One customer has given permission to over 30 employees so that there are many eyes on the CNG equipment at all times.

All NG Advantage staff and all of the drivers are continually re-trained on how to use NG Advantage's equipment and trailers.

The fleet currently consists mostly of tractor trailers containing Hexagon Composite's Titan carbon-fiber tubes. These are the safest, large, over-the-road trailers certified by the DOT today. NG Advantage also uses smaller GTM trailers for its lower volume customers.

24/7 Monitoring of Your Plant by Sophisticated Software and NG Advantage's Operations Team

NG Advantage’s proprietary SCADA system is the best in the industry. No other vendor of trucked natural gas has a system as advanced. A real-time data and video stream for every customer site is monitored by sophisticated software and by NG Advantage’s Operations Team to ensure uninterrupted supply and the highest safety standards. The Dashboard gives you access to real-time and historical statistics on your fuel usage. Both your business staff and the operations team will find the quality and amount of data very helpful.

Customers find that the system provides better information than they have ever had with any other fuel partner. The EPA now requires extensive amounts of data on a plant's fuel usage. To make your job easier, the NG Advantage Dashboard provides a lot of the required information about the plant's natural gas usage. You can also export the data for inclusion in other documents.

View your Plant's Real-Time Data on a Smartphone or Tablet 

NG Advantage has customers that use the data to help understand their usage more precisely. And, there are customers who understand their boiler or kiln so well that they know when it "sounds different." If they hear something different, they no longer run back to the boiler or kiln to check the systems because they can now pull out their phone and check the fuel flow and other stats to be sure that all is well.

NG Advantage's staff watches your boiler as closely as you do. If the Operations Team thinks that there is any problem they will contact your staff and a member of NG Advantage's Maintenance Team to check on the situation. At most of the customer sites, they can also remotely turn off the entire offloading station and therefore the flow of the gas and contact first responders, if needed. No other vendor in the virtual pipeline industry can do this.

NG Advantage’s Safety Team is also the best in the industry. They will become a key member of your team. They provide training for your staff, local first responders, and local officials. The Safety Team also offers first responders password protected access to a special Dashboard that shows the video feed to its equipment at the plant in the case that they are alerted to a possible issue.

Upon request, the Safety Team can also offer assistance in writing your new CNG safety manual or train first responders along the route between the compressor station and your plant. NG Advantage is committed to offering you the best safety training and service in the virtual pipeline industry.