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Satisfied Customers Seeing The Benefits Of Cheaper, Cleaner Compressed Natural Gas

COLCHESTER, Vermont – Customers around the northeast are reaping the benefits of NG Advantage’s compressed natural gas (CNG) as their fuel of choice, including a dairy farm cooperative in Vermont and a sustainable lettuce and caviar farm in eastern New York. Thanks to the use of CNG, both the Cabot Cheese Cooperative and Sustainable Aqua Farms were able to cut costs and meet their emissions goals while offering jobs and economic development to their local communities.

Cabot Cheese Cooperative in Vermont has provided quality products while adapting to evolving technologies for nearly 100 years. Owned by 1,200 dairy farm families throughout New York and New England, Cabot continues its strong commitment to communities, as reflected in their sustainability pledge: “Living within our means and ensuring the means to live.”

Cabot decided to use NG Advantage’s trucked natural gas after searching for an alternative to dirty – and costly – fuel oil.

“We were looking to not only make a positive impact but to also serve our long-term operational needs,” said Jim Tringe, Cabot’s Director of Plant Services. “Steam demand varies from minute to minute. The burners respond more quickly when using natural gas fuel.”

While Cabot was nowhere near a natural gas pipeline, NG Advantage offered non-stop compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery service, making it possible for Cabot to focus on their daily operations and not be concerned with managing their energy production from minute-to-minute.

In Berlin, New York, the 100-acre Sustainable Aqua Farms facility uses NG Advantage’s CNG product to power its environmentally-friendly, completely sustainable lettuce- and caviar-farming operations. The aquafarming project received a $3 million grant from the New York State government and is expected to also receive project debt financing from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“Without the use of the compressed natural gas, in the place of dirtier fuels like fuel oil, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish our goals of running a sustainable and truly environmentally-friendly operation,” said Michael Pasternak, CEO of Sustainable Aqua Farms.

The company that owns the aquafarming facility plans to purchase another 50 acres in the coming months, growing beyond their initial expectations.

NG Advantage provides its Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermontcustomers with local access to the cleanest fossil fuel on the market today. Natural gas decreases overall emissions and production costs and allows more businesses to adapt to changing energy regulations, reducing their carbon footprint and making a meaningful difference in combating climate change.

About NG Advantage LLC

NG Advantage provides the economic and environmental benefits of clean-burning natural gas to boiler and kiln operators located beyond the reach of pipelines via one of the largest virtual pipeline trailer fleets in the US. The company pioneered trucking compressed natural gas to end users in the US and is the leading provider of this “virtual pipeline” service in the country. The company’s current customers include large regional hospitals, paper mills, asphalt plants, food processors, industrial dry cleaners, manufacturing facilities, and local distribution companies. The company, which is majority owned by Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE), is expanding nationwide from its base in the Northeast.