NG Advantage Mobile Pipeline

NG Advantage's Mobile Pipeline delivers CNG to energy intensive enterprises not connected to a gas pipeline

Clean Energy filling station filling NG Advantage trailers in Pembroke, NH


NG Advantage LLC is a Clean Energy (NASDAQ: CLNE) company creating a new sector in the mid/down stream natural gas industry using its "mobile pipeline" - a fleet of tractor trailers - to deliver CNG to industrial sites NOT on a gas pipeline. NG Advantage is a US company based in Vermont expanding throughout the U.S.

(NASDAQ: CLNE)creating a new sector (virtual or mobile  pipeline) in the natural gas delivery network. The Company is extending the gas infrastructure by trucking compressed natural gas (CNG) to large industrial and institutional energy users NOT connected to a pipeline currently in New England and eastern New York.  With a recent strategic investment in the company by Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ: CLNE), NG Advantage will be expanding to serve large industrial and institutional sites beyond its original market of New England.


Potential customers located within a 200 mile radius of an existing compressor station are using approximately 80,000 MMBtus of fuel oil, propane, waste oil, or coal annually. Companies that were burning fuel oil save 20-30% off their energy bill by changing to cleaner, North American compressed natural gas as their primary source of process and comfort heat. For a potential customer burning 1Bcf or more, NG Advantage will build a compressor station as close to the customer's plant and a transmission pipeline as possible.


For plants burning coal or particularly dirty fuel oil, natural gas (delivered by a mobile pipeline) will help the plant meet coming EPA Boiler MACT regulations with very little capital expense. No need to pay for a multi-million $$ pipeline extension. No need to build a million dollar storage facility.


The Company's "mobile pipeline" of high-tech carbon-fiber tanks from Hexagon Lincoln brings dramatic savings and substantial improvements in "carbon footprints" to all customers but in particular to those currently burning coal.


NG Advantage is committed to providing gas to its customers as if they were on a pipeline.


Potential customers tell NG Advantage that they find it difficult both to remain competitive on price and to meet their green energy goals without access to natural gas.


Customers tell NG Advantage that since converting to delivered natural gas, they win far more bids and that their facility is seen as much more competitive by parent companies and potential buyers.


NG Advantage purchases CNG from existing pipelines, compresses it, and loads it into tanks mounted on traditional chassis that are delivered to customer sites. Customers have no need to invest in onsite storage as the gas is drawn directly from the NG Advantage trailers. They are closely monitored 24x7 by the NG Advantage Operations Team and replaced before they are depleted. Customers currently use between two and eighteen loads of gas a day.


The customer is responsible for the burner conversion within their facility, site work and bringing electricity, communications and a gas line from their plant to the Offloading Station. NG Advantage builds that Offloading Station outside the plant that decompresses, heats, and sends the natural gas into a regulator and the new burner. Customers keep their legacy fuel as a backup. They are additionally given access to an NG Advantage on-line dashboard that allows them to monitor their usage and the offloading process.



All the NG Advantage teams are absolutely committed to excellent customer service. The Startup Team has extensive experience in helping customers obtain needed permits, advising on the plans for the site work, and working with local and state fire personnel. NG Advantage’s Startup Team also builds the Companies Offloading Station and stays on site during the conversion process. When they are satisfied with the install, they turn the customer over to the 24/7 Operations Team. The Operations Team partners with the customer’s operations and maintenance personnel to make all transfers safe and on time. The NG Advantage local Maintenance Team and the Safety Team regularly inspect and maintain the equipment at the Company's Compressor Stations, and outside customer sites.


Customers immediately experience the substantial economic, environmental, and maintenance benefits of natural gas with little capital expense. Not much risk!




We Serve the Following Industries

Pulp & Paper
Food Processing
Commercial Laundry
Regional Medical Centers
Local Gas Distribution (LDCs)

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